Hello! My name is Althea Lee. I am a Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist.

Is this a difficult time? Is there a situation in your life and you
feel like you need to talk with someone?  Do you find yourself
feeling: overwhelmed, sad, angry, irritated, or frustrated? Would
you like help with your concerns so that you can begin to
develop new communication or coping skills?

I would be honored to be a part of the healing and growth

I provide Psychotherapy Treatment for Adults, Children, Teens,
and Couples.  

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Althea Lee
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
“The therapeutic process is a unique journey for anyone who is
looking to improve his or her life. People seek counseling looking for
better ways to relate to the world that he or she lives in. Counseling
provides individuals with the ability to focus on his or her life in
depth, and explore issues that prevent him or her from moving
forward. Seeking help is a sign of inner strength, intellect, and
courage. When inner struggles, confusion, and conflicts re-occur,
remain unresolved, and make you feel stuck, unhappy or that you cannot
go on, it's time to take a step towards finding solutions”.
                                                                   - Unknown