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Due to the Novel Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19) outbreak, many are feeling
overwhelmed and helpless. My office is offering services through

TeleHealth refers to the practice of caring for clients remotely when the
provider and clients are not physically present with each other. Modern
technology has enabled therapist
s with the ability to hold sessions with
clients by using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools. is the video client I will be using to interact with those you
would like to continue therapeutic services.

is how it will work:

I. You will need WiFi or
an internet connection. An invitation will be sent
to you before your session to your email, from letting you know
that you have an invitation to join the session. After you accepted the
invitation you will enter a waiting room until your scheduled appointment

II. You will be ask to enable your camera and microphone.

III. If you have a co-pay you will be asked to submit you card information
using a secured
payment system. My name will appear on your statement.

“NOTE” To participate in TeleHealth, you must sign and return the
consent form to me. The
consent form is attached and also
available here. Instructions for e-signing form here.

Additional information regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak can be found on